Parents, take a moment to remember what it was like to go through puberty. You constantly worried about being normal and fitting in. Your body was changing rapidly and rarely cooperated with daily life. Pimples appeared out of nowhere, you dropped your lunch tray in front of classmates and suddenly your parents just didn’t understand anything.

In the midst of this upheaval, some of us were fortunate to have reassuring parents and quality school programs that taught us that these changes and feelings were normal. Many of us, however, received little information or support and were left to figure things out on our own. The school bus and our friends served as our main source of information, which was certainly not very accurate. Now there is another option! The Human Growth and Development video series provides an excellent start to your child’s puberty education.

Check out the two important links below. The first gives you an introduction to the philosophy and purpose of this puberty program as you meet the creators. The second allows you a sneak peek into the creative style and age-appropriate manner in which the HGD (Human Growth and Development) puberty education is presented. After viewing the links we hope you will feel comfortable giving your permission for your child’s participation in the program.

Parent Video Sneak Peek


Answering the Tough Questions

While the video does not cover the topics below, we have found, at times, students may ask these types of questions when the topic of sexuality is introduced. We have provided a guide or a ”starter” for helping you answer the tough questions at home. The video itself does not cover any of the following topics.

View the Questions