What is the appropriate grade level for this video series?
This video is geared towards 5th and 6th graders (ages 9-12) who are beginning the changes of puberty.
The total length is 90 minutes.  Can it be viewed in segments?
This video series can be shown in its entirety or in one or more segments at a time in order to meet the needs of the classroom schedule.
Why is most of the video meant to be seen coeducationally?
Research has shown that presenting this information to pre-adolescent students in a mixed gender group results in a positive and respectful understanding of this sensitive subject.  However, the video includes separate boys’ and girls’ breakout sessions.  These sessions allow students to hear the most frequently asked questions specific to their gender.
Are there some guidelines for facilitators?
Upon leasing the program, you will be able to download a facilitator manual which will contain everything you will need to present this video series to your students. The manual includes a sample permission slip, a parent letter and a post test with answer key.
How do I access the video?
The video will be accessed from our website.
What topics are covered in this video series?
The video is divided into 8 segments. These include: Normal human growth and development. The physical and emotional changes of puberty. The female reproductive system and menstruation. The male reproductive system and sperm production. Reproduction, fetal development and wrap-up. Boys only break-out session. Girls only break-out session
What topics are NOT included?
The video does not include the topics of homosexuality, abortion, birth control or sexually transmitted infections.  We recognize that these topics are closely related to individual family and religious values. If students have questions regarding these topics, they will be encouraged  to seek out trusted adults who can answer their questions honestly and appropriately.
Is there a way for parents to get more information about the video and its contents?
On our website there will be a parent link from which they will be able to view a sneak peek of the video and listen to further information about its content and philosophy.
Do schools require parental permission before students see the video?
Due to the sensitive subject material, most schools require a parent permission slip.
Can the parents see the video in its entirety before giving permission?
Everything on the parent link should give them all the information they need in order to make an informed decision and parent permission.
I’d like to lease this video for personal use with my children. Is that a possibility?
This video series is available for anyone to lease.  Please use the “contact us” link on our website. Parents can contact the school for further information.
What organization created the video?
The Health Education Center of Akron, Ohio developed a puberty education curriculum that has withstood the test of time. This video series is a culmination of over thirty years of experience presenting this material in a medically accurate, age-appropriate and respectful manner.