Answering The Tough Questions

Why do people have sex anyway?
It is a special way to show adult love and to make a baby when they wish to start a family.
What is homosexuality/what does it mean to be gay?
People who are attracted to the same sex.
What is birth control?
Birth control is something couples use to decrease their chances of getting pregnant. There are different forms of birth control. You may have heard of a condom or the pill. A condom is a latex covering that a man wears over his penis during sex. The condom catches the sperm cells that leave the man’s body so they do not enter the woman’s body. The pill is taken by women to prevent ovulation. So if a woman does not ovulate, she does not have an egg in her fallopian tube. If there is no egg present, a baby will not develop since there needs to be an egg and a sperm to create a new human life.
What is oral sex?
Oral sex is contact between the mouth of one person and the private parts of another. While it is true that you cannot get pregnant from oral sex, you can get a sexually transmitted infection. Any time you are taking off your clothes or seeing or touching another person’s private parts it is intimate and personal. Anytime oral sex is involved, it is sex.
What is a sexually transmitted infection?
It is an infection that is passed during sexual contact. Some can be cured while other infections are lifelong and may cause serious medical issues.
What is rape?
Rape is when someone forces another person to have sexual contact with them. People who rape go to jail. No means NO--whatever the situation, no matter the person.
Does sex hurt?
Sometimes for the female--yes, it can hurt at first That is why sexual intercourse needs to be with someone who is caring and gentle.
What is an orgasm?
Sexual intercourse is a way of showing love. Orgasm is a term for the pleasurable feeling experienced during sex.
What is vaginal discharge?
Before a girl gets her period she may notice a yellowish or white colored discharge in her underwear. It is normal and once it happens, it will continue to happen as a sign her period will be coming each month.
Where do all the sperm go once they leave the male’s body and enter the female’s body?
The sperm swim up through the vagina, through the cervix, into the uterus and go into the fallopian tubes. If there is a mature egg in one of the fallopian tubes, there is a chance for that egg and sperm to meet! If the sperm do not find a mature egg, the sperm eventually die and are absorbed into the female body.
What is masturbation (jacking off), and why do people do it?
These are terms for touching yourself in your private parts. Some people do this because it feels good. The medical community says that touching yourself in your private parts does not cause physical harm. If a person chooses to do this, it should be done in private.