Human Growth & Development Education Curriculum

The purpose of this video is to present human growth and development in an engaging, non-threatening way that will hold the interest of students through animation, appropriate humor and special effects.

A majority of the video is designed to be presented coeducationally. Research has shown that presenting this information to pre-adolescent students in a mixed gender group results in a positive and respectful understanding of this sensitive subject. However, the video includes separate boys’ and girls’ breakout sessions.  These sessions allow students to ask questions specific to their gender.

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What You Get

The video is divided into 8 segments.  These segments can be grouped into any combination that fits your specific schedules/needs. These include:

  • Normal human growth and development
  • The physical and emotional changes of puberty
  • The female reproductive system and menstruation
  • The male reproductive system and sperm production
  • Reproduction, fetal development and wrap up
  • Boys only break-out session
  • Girls only break-out session

This yearly lease gives you access to all segments of the video through our website.  In addition, the following tools will be provided.

The facilitator’s manual will include:

  • An outline of the video’s purpose and content.
  • Tips on managing classroom behavior and talking to concerned parents.
  • Examples of how to set a positive tone with your students before they watch the video.
  • A sample parent permission slip
  • A sample letter to the parents
  • A family interview handout
  • A student post test with answer key
1Normal Human Growth and Development 8:56
2The Physical and Emotional Changes of Puberty15:33
3Female Reproductive System & Menstruation10:30
4Male Reproductive System & Sperm Production7:42
5Reproduction, Fertilization, & Attachment6:43
6Fetal Development & Wrap-Up10:04
7Girls-Only Break-Out Session6:45
8Boys Only Break-Out Session4:52